it can be done with imperials

Imperial speakers

Imerial schools, imperial voice clinics,
imperial enterprices


imperial school

There will be 3 lessons



         LESSON 3:   PRACTICAL

Introduction class will be a sitting class, then lesson 2, i.e. packages will be done online by a leaner assisted and coached by a tutor. There are 5 packages and after completion of every package there will be also an online exams.

Lesson 3 which is a demonstration will be done practically   an exam will then follow after the completion of practical lesson.

Imperial certificate will be awarded after the successful completion of the course (2 months)

The first 10 best will be recruited to the imperial, as imperial speaker who will work with the big team. He or she will be paid on a monthly bases depending on the talks performed or facilitated.

    (During the work transport will be paid for them to and fro)

After becoming an imperial you will be requested to pay monthly membership registration fee and renew.

After attaining 30% of the most influential speaker. You become a life member of imperial and now renew once a year.

A member will get imperial medal when he or she has written a book and published it.