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Planning Guides for a Talk For speakers and schools who are taking part in a Speakers for Schools event
please go to our imperial collage link below, then click on downloads, we have compiled guides for participants to help in planning a S4S talk, and some of the tips we have picked up from past speakers and schools for a successful, high-impact event. Be sure to read these as soon as you begin planning and as needed ahead of the talk itself for more helpful information on being a part of a S4S event for the imperial speakers.

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The leaner first read our terms and conditions, get time to know about imperial by getting all the information necessary for him or her.

Then the leaner enrolls to our 3 lessons which will take 2 months only. Then you pay our registration fee then the lessons fee.

There will be 3 lessons



         LESSON 3:   PRACTICAL

Introduction class will be a sitting class, then lesson 2, i.e. packages will be done online by a leaner assisted and coached by a tutor. There are 5 packages and after completion of every package there will be also an online exams.

Lesson 3 which is a demonstration will be done practically   an exam will then follow after the completion of practical lesson.

Imperial certificate will be awarded after the successful completion of the course (2 months)

The first 10 best will be recruited to the imperial, as imperial speaker who will work with the big team. He or she will be paid on a monthly bases depending on the talks performed or facilitated.

    (During the work transport will be paid for them to and fro)

After becoming an imperial you will be requested to pay monthly membership registration fee and renew.

After attaining 30% of the most influential speaker. You become a life member of imperial and now renew once a year.

A member will get imperial medal when he or she has written a book and published it.

A member will get life interest when he/she started a mentorship program and become a mentor to at least 10 mentees who have registered to the mentorship program

A mentor will finally join the leaner as a tutor/lecturer and get paid as so.

online classes

do you have desire to become a motivational or inspiring speaker who earns a living by giving talks? click this link and join our online classes, that will equip you with sufficient speaking skills to become speaker

The imperial speakers from the name imperial they are magnificent speakers who moves crowds by their inspirational talks. This are gifted speakers who tell the life story exactly how it is, they are real people who give their real stories to make you live a real life full of joy, happiness and gratitude. The imperial speakers are talented in making you find your way to success. They are great men and women who are successful in life and generously ready to shear with you their secrets to success. We give motivational and inspirational talks to let you uplifted while you feel so down and motivated when you are demoralised. This are magnificent orators that drive the message home right on time to the right people. Associate with the Imperial Speakers for you to know the secret of good life. The imperials believe that it can be done and that everything is possible

What we do



                                   A.  TALKS; we offer the following 13 packages on various educative, inspiring and advisable topics

          1. High school students: candidates
                1. Form ones
                2. Form two
          2. Primary school pupils: class 8 candidates

                1. Class 6 pupils
          3. Church youths age of 18-24 years old
          4. 3 days youth seminars
          5. One day candidate’s workshop
          6. Half a day candidate’s workshop
          7. A talk to Boys
          8. A talk to Girls
          9. A talk to mothers
          10. A talk to orphans 
          11. Teachers’ workshop
          12. 3 days teachers’ seminars
          13. Enterprise challenge day


  1. Our topics includes;   popular topics

        1. Inspirational topics: 1. making a right decision

            1. 2.
        2. Motivational topic
        3. Teenagers’ topics
        4. Educational topics
        5. Business topics
        6. Parental topics
        7. Coaching topics: 1. care talk

            1. 2.






         The imperial team mentor students to make sure that they become successful person in life, they walk with you in this journey of life, and they become your advisors in case of any dilemma you face in life. Imperial mentors are your guardian angels. We are living in a community where every parent is almost busy to their kids, they can’t have time for their kids, so as a parent do not worry any more, get your kid a mentor and he or she will grow up well nurtured, with moral teachings. Please subscribe to this program and get to know the power of a mentor in your life.


                                     C. COACHING PROGRAM

     Meet the imperial professions who will coach you in your career, on how to choose the correct career, and to live your career.

                                      D. TRAINING SPEAKERS

  The imperials also has a program to those who wants to be the imperials, we train you then we become your agency to help you talk and earn. So are you a full-time college student with something to say. Do you have aspiration of becoming a professional speaker? Or are you a form four leaver and you are waiting to join collage. Then enrol today with the imperial speakers collage, and get trainings on various packages and start earning from talking


                                        E. SEMINORS FACILITATORS

     We facilitate seminars, organised by institutions, just invite us and we shall make your seminar colourful. We also participate in institutions planning of yearly events.